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    The Music and Arts
    Scene in and around
    the Arklow Area

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    We foster links
    with Arklow natives

    and diaspora abroad

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    Celebrating local and
    national history and

    Irish tradition and culture

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    We maintain links
    with politicians and

    business associations

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    We promote all that is
    happening in the Arklow

    Music & Arts Scene

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    Arklow has a proud
    tradition of top-class

    choirs and soloists

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    providing musical facilities
    for children is

    very important to us


Arklow enjoys a rich and acknowledged musical heritage; and is a town that through its geographical location will always possess potential for further growth, on many levels, but perhaps notably in the tourism sector. As the saying goes, it’s all about, “location, location, location!” 

A new vibrant performance arts space in the town can become a focal point for many groups in the town, as well as attracting touring artists and groups into the town. It could also become a venue housing a number of local initiatives, for example, museum displays. 

Arklow’s hinterland has internationally award winning talent including musical societies, choirs, pipe bands, marching bands, chart topping artists and top stage performers. You get the picture!  Clearly, there is a demand, a necessity, for a theatre. 

A new theatre could become a vital part of the new vision for Arklow town, a great addition to the business community who would support and use it.


Arklow town is always buzzing with music and arts activity. The town's heritage is steeped in musical tradition and creativity. Below you will find information about the upcoming events that AMA is proud to be associated with.