Arklow Music and Arts (AMA) are delighted to announce the imminent arrival of black box theatre to Arklow, with the opening of the Asgard Theatre.

The Asgard Theatre is located above Kenny's Of the Harbour public house upon Lower Main Street in Arklow town.

Black box style theatre is an increasingly popular model for accommodating the arts, with its flexible nature very much one of its charms. Members of AMA have travelled around Ireland and viewed a number of similar ventures, speaking to those involved and taking guidance on what would best suit our own needs here in Arklow.

We asked the community of Arklow, primarily the business community, seeking potential venues for such usage; resulting in two businesses generously offering their premise.

For now, we focus entirely on our new Asgard Theatre, though aim to commence with a second venue, Asgard Theatre 2, a little later in 2019.

AMA's programme seeks to promote participation in the arts, to embrace professional and community practice and involvement; and to create an art space where contributions can makes a difference to people's lives across our community.

AMA aspires to present a diverse programme of professional theatre, dance and music of the highest artistic and production standards which will serve to challenge and stimulate our audiences.

AMA provides a platform for local arts practice, encouraging and facilitating participation in the arts locally both as audience and as active practitioners.

We aim to present a wide variety of theatre, dance, music and film. Theatre presentations range from touring / professional work to local, non-professional productions.

At Asgard Theatre, our policy aims for variety and quality. Our objectives are to encourage, develop, foster and stimulate public interest in all aspects of the arts and across social, economic and cultural affairs.

Asgard Theatre shall provide facilities and opportunities for the organisation of artistic and cultural events, maintain a centre for the holding of workshops, exhibitions, conferences and performances of all art forms. AMA eagerly awaits the next chapter...