Fiver Friday Comes To Arklow

There's an excellent vibe coursing through Arklow right now, with RTÉ rolling into town this Friday afternoon, to present "Liveline - Fiver Friday Special" live from the Courthouse on Main Street, with the show commencing from 1.45pm through to 3.00pm.

Fiver Friday is a day when small local businesses across the land remind the consumer to do their little bit to help the local concerns, instead of spending everything in a multinational - and Arklow has risen to the challenge with a range of excellent Fiver Friday special offers available right across the town's retail landscape.

As the initial idea for Fiver Friday originated from our very own Arklow Music and Arts secretary, we are rather politely pushing out our own Donations Box, and asking, if you can afford it, to consider donating a fiver towards our overall goal - securing a site for the provision of a performance Arts space here in Arklow.

Every fiver most certainly helps, and we remain eternally grateful for your help thus far!

By the way, if someone donates a mere €20.....we'll get rid of the snow on the website!  Up to you!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DONATE HERE!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Thanks once again!


Posted, March 15, 2018.