Arklow Through The Eyes Of A Stranger

Arklow Library, August 9th to 31st 2018
An exhibition of work by UCD Landscape Architecture Masters Studio

Part 1 : discoveries (photographs & film) opens August 9th (6pm)
Part 2 : analysis & proposals (plans) opens August 16th (6pm)

Heritage Week 2018 events include a talk, a walk and a tea party

Students of UCD Landscape Architecture have been exploring Arklow and its surroundings. They invite you to join them on a unique visual voyage around town (part 1 of the exhibition) and to reflect on their response to the town (in part 2). They also invite interested Arklow residents to add to their discussions by attending a talk, a walk and a tea party during Heritage Week.

Part 1 of the exhibition features 30 large format photographs and films of the students’ discoveries.

Part 2 of the exhibition consists of drawings, plans, sketches, maps and notebooks prepared by the students in response to the town. Topics include the reThinking of Main Street, What makes a Town Centre? Bring Back the Beaches! Loving Central Park (the marsh), Why can’t I Cycle to School? 1000 Trees (for Arklow’s Other Residents) and Memories of Arklow.

Join Lelia’s tea-party (Thursday 21st August, 16h) to hear about the old times. Discuss the students’ work with them on Tuesday 23rd August, 18h-20h.

For further information please call into Arklow Library,  or email or call Lelia on 083-035-1056.


Posted August 8, 2018.